Teach Your Child about Dental Care

One of the most important tasks of being a parent is teaching your child about good physical and dental health. This education will help the child to form healthy habits that can be carried into adulthood. Are you proactively helping your children to protect their teeth and gums? Even baby teeth need to be protected, to support speech, chewing, and self-esteem.

This experience gives you the opportunity to teach your child about the best methods to thoroughly clean the teeth and gums. The child can practice with supervision until they have mastered the skill without assistance.

Here are a few guidelines to consider to care for your child’s dental health:

First 24 Months

As soon as a tooth emerges from a baby’s gums, you need to make sure that you are cleaning the surface of the tooth twice a day, and definitely after feeding. Use a soft bristled brush designed for babies. As a part of our first dental checkup, we will review the best technique to help you keep those brand new teeth healthy.

Age 2 – 3

Most children are ready to learn how to brush their teeth when they are between the ages of two and three. You should monitor the child’s brushing and help them learn how to use the right motions to cover all surfaces of the teeth. Teach them to brush the inside surfaces, use circular motions, and angle the toothbrush to reach the gum line. Once your child is done practicing, we recommend that you follow with some quality control to make sure those pearly whites are as clean as can be.

Scheduling Regular Dental Checkups

Another aspect of teaching good dental health is to have the child visit the pediatric dentist on a regular basis. These exams will give the child the opportunity to learn more about their teeth and gums. Plus, the dentist will be able to identify potential dental problems in the early stages.

Is it time for a dental exam? Contact Riverstone Pediatric Dentistry to schedule an appointment.

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